A fresh approach to employee comms


Employee Comms has traditionally focused on keeping workers informed.

Let them know how the company’s doing. Explain the new strategy. Announce the workforce re-org. Tell them what’s expected of them.

Rinse, repeat and cascade through the ranks.

A sequence of data dumps. From the top-down, and the center-out.

With an annual survey thrown in to make sure everyone’s happy.


Today’s workers demand more.

They don’t just want to be informed. They need to feel inspired.

They yearn to be involved. And they aspire to improve.


Technology, globalization and millennial mindsets have fundamentally changed the world of work.

Command and control are out. Coaching and collaboration are in.

Being better has replaced being bigger.

Doing good has replaced looking good. Talent has replaced tenure.


This new world of work requires a new approach to Employee Comms.

An approach that actually lives up to the claim that “our people are our most important asset.”

An approach that inspires, involves, and improves, as well as informs your employees.


That’s the approach we take at Peloton.

Employee Comms that inspires action, involves everyone, and improves performance.

Our Services

Persona development - who are your employees? what do they want and need? where are you as a company? what are the stories you need to share?

Strategic Planning

Employee comms has to earn its place in your employees’ news feed. At times as succinct as a tweet, as visually arresting as an Instagram feed, and as compelling as a Netflix drama

Content development

An agile workforce requires every employee to be a great communicator. We teach the art and science of storytelling and the tips and tricks of visual design.

Comms Training