Why Peloton?

A peloton is a collection of cyclists who collaborate with a common purpose.

By working together, sharing the workload, and leading when required, a peloton is able to move up to 40% faster than a solo rider.


Peloton Communications is a collection of strategists, storytellers, designers and moviemakers, who work together to produce creative content that drives business.

We help clients build sustainable brands - driven by inspiring leadership, collaborative innovation, and authentic advocacy.

inspiring leadership

Business stories, presentations and thought leadership programs that demand attention and inspire action. 

Collaborative innovation

Employee communication programs that  inform, inspire, and involve employees to improve your brand, your business, and your bottom line. 


authentic advocacy

Content marketing programs that extend traditional campaigns by enabling every employee to become a brand advocate. 

How are you going to change the world?


That may seem grandiose, but that’s what top talent wants to know.

And without top talent, you’re toast.


Despite all the talk of holocracy and democracy in the workplace, leaders still matter.

Your vision sets the agenda. Your behavior shapes attitudes. Your stories inspire action.


Great leaders attract the best talent by articulating a purpose beyond profit.

You use the power of story to translate corporate strategies into meaningful journeys.

You paint big picture possibilities by connecting the dots of everyday actions.


Corporate speak builds apathy. Compelling stories inspire action.

Clarity of communication creates competitive advantage.

Our Services

Brand StoriES

We help you write the future, by articulating what you do, how you’re different, and why it matters.

BUSINESS Presentations

We replace Death by PowerPoint with visual stories that inspire action by putting your audience at the heart of the action.

business plan Roll-outs

We get everyone on the same page and fired up for action with creative campaigns that bring strategies to life, and authentic stories that bring workforces together. 


A fresh approach to employee comms


Employee Comms has traditionally focused on keeping workers informed.

Let them know how the company’s doing. Explain the new strategy. Announce the workforce re-org. Tell them what’s expected of them.

Rinse, repeat and cascade through the ranks.

A sequence of data dumps. From the top-down, and the center-out.

With an annual survey thrown in to make sure everyone’s happy.


Today’s workers demand more.

They don’t just want to be informed. They need to feel inspired.

They yearn to be involved. And they aspire to improve.


Technology, globalization and millennial mindsets have fundamentally changed the world of work.

Command and control are out. Coaching and collaboration are in.

Being better has replaced being bigger.

Doing good has replaced looking good. Talent has replaced tenure.


This new world of work requires a new approach to Employee Comms.

An approach that actually lives up to the claim that “our people are our greatest asset.”

An approach that inspires, involves, and improves, as well as informs your employees.


That’s the approach we take at Peloton.

Employee Comms that inspires action, involves everyone, and improves performance.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

What's the big picture? What will it take for your employees to succeed? What's the next step on the journey? What are the stories you need to share?

Content development

Employee comms has to earn its place in your employees’ news feed, and deliver its message on their time, not your time. We develop content worth opening, which can be as succinct as a tweet and as compelling as a Netflix drama.

CommUNICATIONs Training

An agile workforce requires every employee to be a great communicator. We share the art and science of storytelling and the tips and tricks of visual design.


Brand building you can trust


Nobody trusts your advertising.

Customers ignore your emails.

New recruits block your banner ads.


It’s no longer about buying the right to interrupt.

It’s about earning your way into curated feeds and conversations.

Customers don’t have relationships with brands.

They have relationships with people. People like your employees.

It’s your employees who deliver your brand promise.

They should also amplify your brand communications.

Your employees can extend your brand's reach and gain your customers' trust.


Marketing has become a team sport.

Frontline feedback drives customer-focused product development.

Authentic advocacy attracts attention.

Most of your employees will want to help.

But chances are they’re unsure how, or maybe don’t even think they’re allowed.


We work with brand teams to develop programs that motivate, equip, coach, and reward employees to deliver the authentic advocacy that money can't buy. 

Our Services

Content Marketing

We develop content strategies, fueled by purpose-led stories that grab attention, build interest, involve your audience and deliver a clear call to action.

Slideshare Studio

We develop the strategy, create the stories, craft the design, optimize for search, and plan the distribution. You sit back and watch the leads come in. 

Stories for Sales

We create sales presentations, case studies and webinars that capture a prospect's attention, and help close the deal by making customers the hero of your sales stories.